MORI Tomoomi (MORI Tomoomi)


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Associate Professor

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  • Doshisha University  Faculty of Economics  Graduated 

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  • Doshisha University  Graduate School, Division of Letters  Master's Course  Completed

  • Doshisha University  Graduate School, Division of Sociology  Doctor's Course  Accomplished credits for doctoral program

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  • Sociology

  • Sociology

  • Area studies

  • Sociology

  • Sociology


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  • The Samjiyon Orchestra as a North Korean Means for Gender Based Cultural Diplomacy

    Pekka Korhonen, Tomoomi Mori

    European Journal of Korean Studies19 ( 2 ) 57 - 82   2020.04

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • North Korea as a Small Great Power

    Pekka Korhonen, Tomoomi Mori

    The Asia-Pacific Journal17 ( 5-1 ) 1 - 26   2019.03

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • "Music policy" of "Kim Jong-un period" with a focus on Moranbong Band

    Tomoomi Mori

    The Journal of Contemporary Korean Studies ( 18 ) 34 - 52   2018.11

    Single Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • The significance of the concert " Songs for memories"

    NORTH KOREAN STUDIES REVIEW20 ( 2 ) 125 - 152   2016.12

    Single Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Research about dismantling of "Kisha Clubs" by the Roh Moo Hyun government's in the republic of Korea

    Tomoomi Mori

    Hyoron Shakaikagaku (Social Science Review) ( 89 ) 31 - 87   2009.10

    Single Work

    Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Censored 2007: The Top 25 Censored Stories

    Peter Phillips, Tricia Boreta, Kate Sims, Charlene Jones, Sandy Murphy, Carl Jensen, Katherine Albergate, Lesley Amberger, Lindsay San Martin, Kate Sims, Bailey Malone, Kristine Medeiros, Jessica Rodas, Andrew Roth, Ben Frymer, Nick Ramirez, David Abbott, Lauren Powell, Joe Butwill, Bob Buron, Diane Farsetta, Julie Hollar, Janine Jackson, Hilary Goldstein, Wendy Ginsberg, Molly Zapp, Bridget Thornton, Lew Brown, Andrew Sloan, Brian Fuchs, Sarah Randle, Zoe Huffman, Fabrice Romero, James J.Dean, Tomoomi Mori, Edward Herman, David Peerson, Rober Hackett, William K.CarrollScholarly Book  Joint Work

    Seven Stories Press  2006.10

Review Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Book Reviews : Tourism in North Korea by ISOZAKI Atsuhito

    Korean Studies ( International Society for Korean Studies, The Japan Branch )  ( 8 ) 111 - 115  2020.06

    Introduction and explanation (scientific journal)  Single Work

  • “Japanese Wives” in North Korea (DPR Korea)


    THE NEWSLETTER ,The International Institute for Asian Studies (IIAS) # 82    2019.03

    Other article  Single Work

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • 日韓関係とジャーナリズム2

    同志社大学・大学コンソーシアム京都「複合領域科目2-98 (日韓関係論入門) 」(第11回)  オンライン会議と同志社大学今出川キャンパス  Internal meeting  Public discourse, seminar, tutorial, course, lecture and others 


  • The Nationalism of DPRK and the Role of its Symbol (SESSION 6-2 'KWP and its Post - Nationalism' )

    Korea Global Forum for Peace 2021 (KGFP 2021)  International conference  Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination) 


  • A Representation of the Sea Between Japan and North Korea(DPRK): Suspicious Ships & “Ghost Boats” (Panel: The Sea Between Us: Investigating the “Ghost Ships” Phenomenon, North Korean Immigrants in South Korean Fisheries Industry, and the Cross-Strait Solidarity Between Jeju and Tsushima)

    The 12th International Convention of Asia Scholars (ICAS12)   Online Conference Platform   International conference  Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (public offering) 


  • Comments: Session Ⅲ The Culture of North Korean Women Appearing in "Gonghwaguk Lipsticks"

    The Future of North Korean Women in COVID-19 Pandemic : Risk or Opportunity   International conference  Symposium, Workshop, Panelist (nomination)