GUO Jin (GUO Jin)


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  • Osaka Prefecture University  Faculty of Economics  Graduated 

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  • Osaka Prefecture University  Graduate School, Division of Economics  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • Japan Statistical Sciety
  • The Japan Association for Cultural Economics
  • Pan Pacific Association of Inupt-Output Studies

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  • Economic Statistics (International Macroeconomics Economic Statistics Applied Econometrics)


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  • Do biofuel production and financial speculation in agricultural commodities influence African food prices? New evidence from a TVP-VAR extended joint connectedness approach

    Jin Guo (with Tetsuji Tanaka)

    Energy Economics (SSCI, IF:9.252),Volume 116, ( 106422 ) 1 - 15   2022.12

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Energy security versus food security: An analysis of fuel ethanol- related markets using the spillover index and partial wavelet coherence approaches

    Jin Guo (with Tetsuji Tanaka)

    Energy Economics (SSCI, IF:9.252), Volume 112, ( 106142 ) 1 - 12   2022.06

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Potential factors in determining cross-border price spillovers in the pork sector: Evidence from net pork-importing countries

    Jin Guo (with Tetsuji Tanaka)

    Humanities and Social Sciences Communications (SSCI, IF:2.731), Volume 9, ( Issue 4 ) 1 - 14   2022.01

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Food security in an insecure world Modelling self-sufficiency.

    Jin Guo (with Tetsuji Tnaka)

    Research Outreach Volume 124,   74 - 77   2021.08

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Optimality between Time of Estimation and Reliability of Model Results in the Monte Carlo Method: A Case for a CGE Model

    Jin Guo (with Tetsuji Tanaka, Naruto Hiyama and Baris Karapinar)

    Computational Economics (SSCI, IF:1.741), Volume 57, ( Issue 1 ) 1 - 26   2021.01

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Prime Archives in Sustainability

    Jin Guo, Tetsuji Tanaka (Part : The Effectiveness of Self-Sufficiency Policy: International Price Transmissions in Beef Markets)  Scholarly Book  Joint Work

    Vide Leaf  2020.12

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  • 農産物の国際価格ボラティリティの共通要因:先進国における実証研究

    第3回国際農業経済学会  中国・西安  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • 農産物の国際ボラティリティの要因:途上国のパネル分析

    第21回農業経済学国際会議  イタリア・ローマ  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • 石油価格と株価の変動が日本とロシア経済に与える影響

    東欧・スラブ学会  秋田大学  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • 中国における最適な為替制度に関する分析:新しい開放経済モデルによる検証

    Oral Presentation(general) 


    【Proceedings】 日本経済学会

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  • International Research Conference Certificate of Best Presentation Award

    21st International Conference on Agricultural Economics  Awards of International Conference, Council and Symposium