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  • Efects of defoliation on the occurence of internal browning in tomatoes grown in soilless culture

    Yoko Miyama, Kiyomi Kamiyama, Wataru Tsujimoto, Shu Taira and Satoshi Terabayashi

    Environmental Control in Biology6 ( 2 ) 103 - 108   2021.09

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Relationship of cuticle development with water loss and texture of pepper fruit

    Ayako Konishi, Satoshi Terabayashi, and Akihiro Itai

    Canadian Journal of Plant Science102   2021.04

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Effects of day length and air temperature fluctuation on the occurrence of leaf browning in Sesame seedling cultured in a plant factory under artificial light.

    Date,S.,T.Ogawa,K.Matsuura,N.Hata and S.Terabayashi

    Environmental Control in Biology58 ( 2 ) 37 - 42   2020

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

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  • The relationship between water loss and development of cuticular layer in pepper fruits.

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    【Proceedings】  348  -  348  2019.03