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Assistant Professor

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  • Chiba University  Faculty of Horticulture  Graduated 

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  • Chiba University  Graduate School, Division of Science and Technology  Master's Course  Completed

  • The University of Tokyo  Graduate School, Division of Science  Doctor's Course  Completed

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  • Biodiversity/Systematics


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  • Molecular phylogenetic species delimitation in the aquatic genus Ottelia (Hydrocharitaceae) reveals cryptic diversity within a widespread species

    Yu Ito, Norio Tanaka, Anders S. Barfod, Josef Bogner, Jie Li, Okihito Yano, Stephan W. Gale

    Journal of Plant Research132 ( 3 ) 335 - 344   2019.04

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • Integrative analyses of Nervilia (Orchidaceae) section Linervia reveal further undescribed cryptic diversity in Thailand

    Stephan W Gale, Sutee Duangjai, Jihong Li, Yu Ito, Santi Watthana, Phatsara Termwutthipreecha, Mang Lung Cheuk, Somran Suddee

    Systematics and Biodiversity16 ( 4 ) 377 - 396   2018.05

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)


  • New or Noteworthy Plant Collections from Myanmar (10): Impatiens hukaungensis (Balsaminaceae), a New Rheophyte from the Northern Region

    Nobuyuki Tanaka, Tetsuo Ohi-Toma, Yu Ito, Mu Mu Aung, Jin murata

    Journal of Japanese Botany93 ( 1 ) 23 - 30   2017.10

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • Evolutionary distinctiveness and conservation priority of the endangered Najas ancistrocarpa (Hydrocharitaceae).


    Systematics and Biodiversity   2017.08

    Joint Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

  • From terrestrial to aquatic habitats and back again - Molecular insights into the evolution and phylogeny of Callitriche (Plantaginaceae)

    伊藤優、田中法生、Barfod AS、Kaul R、Muasya AM、Garcia-Murillo P、de Vere N、Duyfjes BEE、Albach DC

    Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society183 ( 5 )   2017.05

    Single Work

    Research paper (scientific journal)

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • A Field Guide to Aquatic Plants of Myanmar

    Norio Tanaka, Yu Ito, Mu Mu Aung, Nobuyuki TanakaScholarly Book  Joint Work

    Natural History Publications (Borneo)  2019.04

  • Flora of Thailand第11巻

    Harwood B、Chayamarit K、Pooma R、Parnell JAN、Renner SS、他21 名Scholarly Book  Joint Work

    Forest Herbar-ium, Royal Forest Depart-ment  2014.01

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • A homemade QR code system for university education

    BGCI's 10th International Congress on Education in Botanic Garden  Warsaw Botanical Garden  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • Species delimitation in aquatic plant genera with description of new species from Indo-Burma biodiver-sity hotspot

    Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation (ATBC) Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting 2017  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • Molecular phylogeny of Eriocaulon (Eriocaulaceae)

    38th Australa-sian Systematic Botany Society meeting  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • Phylogeny of Najas (Hydrocharitaceae) revisited: Implica-tions for taxonomy, biogeography, and polyploid evolution

    Botanical Re-search in Tropical Asia  International conference  Oral Presentation(general) 


  • Molecular phy-logenetic studies on aquatic vascular plants: A review of issues

    International symposium on problems of systematics and geography of aquatic plants  International conference  Oral Presentation(guest/special) 


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